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My wife had a car accident a few years back. She didn’t initially suffer from a lot of pain but as the week and weeks went on, she was hurting. Susan provided the best advice for her and really helped to walk us through the process. The insurance company tried to a few tactics to get out of paying but Susan was right on the spot to set them straight. In the end, we got a great settlement and she even negotiated with one of our doctors to reduce the bill. C.D

Susan has consulted with several of my clients. Each has shared favor with comments such as “she made me feel comfortable” and “Susan shared what I should expect”. Thank you for being a valued resource! B.G.

Ms. Cyr is an exceptional family law attorney. She has exceeded my expectations and has always been supportive and understanding. Ms. Cyr is professional, knowledgable, and ethical. My divorce and child custody case has been complicated and ugly to say the least.

My children’s best interest has always been first and foremost. She has helped me obtain full physical and legal custody of my children. Ms. Cyr is very responsive, honest, and fair. She set responsible expectations and kept me informed. She has excellent communication skills and is able to guide you through a very stressful and emotional situation.
I highly recommend her because of her experience, ethics, and integrity.
My family is forever grateful.
Thank you!

I have been working with Susan Bowden for a couple of years and I have appreciated her knowledge of the issues at hand. Her manner has always been exceptionally professional yet down to earth at the same time. Kudos to her staff as well. The prompt and professionalism in response to any questions I have are never left without and answer and explanation. I thank them profusely! G.T.

I was in an accident going on 7 months ago it was a pretty life- changing event for me. I worked with Susan and Nellie they were both so kind and compassionate and very professional. They have been by my side since the beginning and still are. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone. J.W.

Wonderful team, professional service with personal compassion and care. Lisa Watson-Cyr is the best. She is amazing. Unbelievable expertise with desired results. E.A.

I am not encouraging you to get in a car accident but if you ever had one, Susan takes care of it for you with insurance companies, other cars and medical issues. M.K.

Lisa was retained to support me during an unexpected divorce situation. From the early consultation, through completion of a case that took surprise twists due to hostile and often irrational opposition, every interaction with Lisa and her team was first class. Nobody wishes a divorce situation, but when one presents itself the only answer is thorough preparation, a solid plan, and proactive representation. Lisa excelled in having me prepared for every eventual scenario, and even when crazy was the order of the day, the result achieved allowed me and my family to move forward in a positive manner. Much of this was due to Lisa’s preparation, integrity and insistence that a positive outcome is achieved by doing things the right way. We were always better prepared than our opponents and ultimately achieved the best possible outcome. Before the case was even settled, it was evident that my life was going to be much better post-divorce, and Lisa helped me see this before I even knew it myself. I recommend her without hesitation. B.K

I have worked with Susan and Nellie on two occasions. I cannot stress how professional, friendly, courteous, efficient and patient they are. I was completely out of my element the first time I was involved in a personal injury case, but Susan explained everything until I understood the process and my role in it. My case was handled extremely well. I was very pleased. B.H.

Very very satisfied with Susan, Nellie and all staff. I would recommend your staff 100%. Hopefully, I’ll never need to use your agency again but if I had to your name would be the first call. Thank you very much. J. S.

I truly could not have been happier with how my case was handled. Coming into this scenario, I was apprehensive and not too knowledgeable, but Susan was so kind, unassuming and took time to educate me. I’ve never felt more at ease with Bowden Cyr. Everything was wrapped up within 18 months, just as Susan expected it to be.

The high standard of service in how my case was handled is truly amazing. I cannot express my gratitude enough to Susan and I thank her for representing me. Her knowledge, experience and guidance has been remarkable and above all, she really cares about her clients. The thought of going to an attorney to seek help was initially intimidating to me, but Susan was unassuming and took the time to explain every step of the way and kept my best interests at heart. I was at ease and felt like I could focus on my life instead of being burdened in dealing with the aftermath of an automobile accident. Bowden Cyr will always be the first and only name I will recommend for any legal needs. T.N.

I feel so very fortunate that I found and was represented by Lisa Watson Cyr. From start to finish, I knew I was in good hands. Lisa’s level of expertise, logic, common sense approach, and complete legal strategy was exceptional. On top of that, I always felt that she and her staff cared personally for my well-being, and the ultimate outcome of my situation. S.M.

I was extremely satisfied how Susan handled my case. She is a wonderful lawyer and really cared about me, my situation, and my case. Any time I had a question she called me right back. She wasn’t all about money like some other lawyers are, and she really took the time to listen and explain things to me. If I ever need a lawyer again I will definitely give her a call again. Also if I find someone who needs a lawyer, I will give them her number! She is the only lawyer I would recommend. Thank you so much to Susan and anyone who was involved in my case! M.J.

Very well satisfied in every way. A.A.

I was referred to the offices of Bowden – Cyr, PLLC, by an attorney I used in the past. After our auto accident I wanted someone with knowledge that made me feel secure. I am very happy with my representation. B.H.

You made me feel at ease with my case. You gave me honest, reliable, and intelligent representation. Thank you again! M.C.

Everyone we worked with was just great. Susan was efficient, helpful and listened well to our questions. In all cases everyone was also timely and responded quickly to questions. Anonymous

Being involved in an automobile accident and unable to deal with the insurance company on a fair basis I retained the services of Bowden Cyr, PLLC Law Firm. Working with this law firm I had an excellent rapport and knowledgeable experience. I will retain their services on a permanent basis. A.G.

I think everyone working on my case and the attorneys at law, at Bowden Cyr, PLLC were great. They were friendly and help in any way. I will tell others like friends, family and others to use the service. I would use them again because everyone was friendly and helpful to me. B.M.


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