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Protecting Children From Animal Attacks

Animal attacks, including dog bites, often involve young children because kids tend to be playful and like to interact with animals. Unfortunately, sometimes this playfulness can result in a dog or cat reacting aggressively because it thought its food, toys, or territory were threatened. Sometimes an animal may be in pain, anxious, or overly stimulated and react to your child negatively.

Regardless of the circumstances, in Minnesota, animal owners and keepers are responsible for these attacks regardless of how the incident occurred, so long as your child was lawfully on the premises of the attack and did not provoke the attack.

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Cases Involving Children Are More Complex

Unlike a personal injury case involving an animal attack on an adult, when a child is bitten by a dog, the process of filing a claim and receiving monetary damages for the incident becomes more complex. Our personal injury attorney has handled numerous animal attack cases involving minors and is not only familiar with the process, but can prepare a successful case that calculates damages unique to cases involving children.

When you come to our firm, your attorney will discuss the various aspects of your child’s case, including:

  • Approval of the court for the resolution of your case
  • The use of a guardian ad litem if necessary
  • Statute of limitations for filing your case
  • How settlement funds will be allocated and distributed
  • Parental claims for medical bills
  • Compensation for trauma, both medical and physical
  • Unique circumstances of a wrongful death of a child

If your child is old enough to hold a job and has lost wages due to his or her injury, these may also be considered when calculating your child’s settlement. There are several variables to consider in a case involving a minor. Our firm has experience handling these cases, and you can be confident that your child’s claim will be handled thoroughly and strategically.

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