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Child Custody

Child custody during the school year

Back to school season is often filled with mixed emotions. While kids might not be ready to say goodbye to summer yet, many Minnesota parents are eager to get their kids back in school and on a more regular schedule. This process can be a little more complicated when...

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Dads have a place in child custody

It can be upsetting to imagine a life where you are not with your child every day. However, this is the reality that most parents face when going through a divorce. Being prepared to meet these new parenting challenges is important, especially for dads since child...

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What to think about for child custody

As a parent, your children are always a priority no matter what else is going on in life. It can feel difficult to prioritize their needs during a divorce, though, and you may even feel confused when trying to address matters such as child custody. You may find it...

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