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2 killed, 1 injured in rear-end crash

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2023 | Car Accidents |

There are numerous types of dangerous driving behaviors that can diminish one’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. Drivers who fail to allow adequate spacing might not always be capable of responding to changes in traffic patterns and such issues continue to play a role in many car accidents. Two individuals were killed and another person suffered injuries during a recent rear-end collision in Minnesota.

Rear-end crash

According to reports, authorities responded to a multiple-vehicle crash on a recent Monday afternoon. They say the incident began when the driver of a motor vehicle failed to slow down for a sudden stoppage in traffic. The vehicle proceeded to crash into the rear-end of a second vehicle, causing the second vehicle to lurch forward and crash into a car.

The crash reportedly caused the vehicles involved to erupt in flames. Reports indicate that both the driver and a passenger in the second vehicle suffered fatal harm and died at the scene. Authorities say that the driver who caused the crash also suffered injuries in the process and they advised that their investigation into the incident remains underway.

Loss of a loved one

Losing a loved one in a car accident can be exceedingly harrowing, especially if the incident occurs due to the reckless actions of another party. Surviving loved ones who face similar hardships in life may wish to exercise their rights to seek restitution via the civil justice system, but they might need guidance in preparing for this process. Fortunately, there are attorneys in Minnesota who can help a person understand what to expect and assist in preparing to pursue the full amount of compensation entitled via a wrongful death claim.