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Possible signs of an infection in dog bite injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2023 | Animal Bites |

The thought of being bitten by any type of animal can be scary and there are various scenarios in which such an attack could pose a significant threat to one’s health. Dog bites can cause numerous types of injuries and while lacerations and crush injuries are a common concern, these might not be the only possible outcome. Dog bite injuries may also carry a risk of infection and individuals in Minnesota who suffer such injuries may find it vital to seek swift medical care.

Red flags of an infection

Experts indicate that there are various signs that might indicate the presence of an infection at the site of a dog bite injury. For instance, signs of redness or swelling around the injury site could indicate an infection. Those who experience intense pain around the injury site or struggle to move the affected body part may also benefit from seeking prompt medical treatment.

An infection may also cause red streaks to appear around the site and these streaks might spread away from the injury site. Puss and drainage coming from the wound could also indicate the presence of an infection. In some cases, an infection could also cause a person to develop an abscess and puss may also build up in this area. Infections can also cause one to develop a fever or lead to issues with enlarged lymph nodes.

When a dog bite attack occurs

Infections can be major medical concerns that could pose a dire threat to one’s health and suffering such harm during a dog bite attack can be a daunting experience. The outcome of the incident may be even more challenging to accept if the attack occurred due to the negligent actions of the animal’s owner. Individuals in Minnesota who encounter similar issues and have questions about the best course of action to take could benefit from consulting with an attorney for guidance in addressing all their available options for legal recourse.