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Red flags of financial infidelity in a marriage

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2023 | Divorce |

There are various types of issues that can place a significant strain on a relationship and leave those involved wondering if parting ways could be the best path. Financial infidelity is a type of issue that could take a devastating toll on the health of a relationship. There may be numerous red flags that might point to the presence of such behavior. Individuals in Minnesota who encounter similar issues may be left with questions about whether dissolving the marriage might be the best path to protecting their futures. 

Red flags 

Studies indicate that there are numerous red flags to watch for regarding financial infidelity, one of which could involve the presence of secretive financial behaviors. Those who engage in such behavior might not be inclined to be open with financial decisions and may even become defensive when the topic comes up for discussion. In some cases, they may also attempt to shut the other party out of financial responsibilities. 

Attempting to conceal assets or hide vital financial documents may also be signs of financial infidelity. Those who are cryptic about topics such as finances and income may also be exhibiting signs of such behavior. Studies also suggest that it may be helpful to watch for signs such as a lack of willingness or outright refusal to budget or create a financial plan for the future of the relationship. 

Dissolving a marriage 

Financial infidelity is an issue that could diminish the trust in a relationship and leave a person with questions about whether it might be best to dissolve the marriage. When facing similar concerns, individuals in Minnesota who remain uncertain of how best to proceed might choose to speak with a family law attorney for advice in evaluating their situations. An attorney can work toward addressing a client’s concerns and wishes and help prepare to protect his or her future interests during subsequent divorce proceedings.