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Possible red flags of an impending dog bite

On Behalf of | May 7, 2023 | Animal Bites |

Sometimes it might be difficult to predict how dogs might react upon encountering someone they are not familiar with. Such scenarios could leave the animal feeling anxious or afraid and similar emotions could cause dogs to be more likely to lash out or exhibit aggressive behaviors. Studies indicate that there might be numerous red flags that might indicate a dog is preparing to attack and addressing such factors could help individuals in Minnesota take steps to mitigate the risks of suffering dog bite injuries. 

Red flags 

Studies indicate that dogs may exhibit various types of behaviors prior to lashing out at a person. Prior to an attack, dogs may begin to growl or bare their teeth and those who encounter such behavior may find it best to back away from the animal. Studies suggest that watching out for body language may also be vital, as signs such as rigid posture may indicate an attack is imminent. 

The hair on a dog’s back could also rise when it is uncomfortable or afraid. Aggression may also be more likely when dogs may also raise their tails and ears high. Studies state that watching for eye movement may also be integral, as dogs that are under stress might not wish to make eye contact and may instead exhibit a behavior known as whale eye. 

Dog bite injuries 

Knowing the signs that a dog might be preparing to lash out can be helpful, but sometimes there may be little one can do to avoid a dog bite attack. When property owners fail to properly confine their dogs to their property, those who suffer severe injuries in an ensuing attack may wish to exercise their rights to seek restitution accordingly. Following such an incident, a person in Minnesota might consider speaking with a personal injury attorney for guidance in addressing the situation and in preparing to pursue the compensation entitled through the proper channels.