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Dogs are not the only animals that bite

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2022 | Animal Bites |

Dogs are a popular choice for a family pet. These furry, four-legged friends sometimes pose a serious threat to human safety though, as dog bites can cause severe physical and emotional injuries. Sadly, dogs are not the only potentially dangerous animal one might encounter in Minnesota. Animal bite victims often show up at the emergency room with wounds from a number of other animals as well. 

Horse injuries 

A horse bite can be exceptionally painful and may require medical treatment. However, while horses do bite sometimes, they are actually more likely to injure someone by kicking. Like with dog bite injuries, horse owners can usually be held responsible when their horses kick and injure someone. There are a few exceptions, including if a horse owner can demonstrate that the victim was similarly negligent or understood and assumed a certain risk. 

Wild animal bites 

Minnesota animal enthusiasts are often excited about more than just domesticated animals. Owners of wild animals are not exempt from liability if their pets bite someone just because they are wild animals, though. Even if an owner takes extreme measures to protect others, including using cages or building tall fences, he or she can still be held responsible if a wild animal pet bites someone. Examples of wild animals people often keep as pets include: 

  • Snakes 
  • Sugar gliders 
  • Lizards 
  • Foxes 

Unfortunately, there are some pet owners who truly believe that their pets can do no wrong. These owners might be resistant to taking responsibility for dog or other animal bites. This puts a greater burden on animal bite victims, and often leaves them with no other choice but to explore their legal options for securing necessary compensation.