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Dog bite victim required over a dozen stitches

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2021 | Animal Bites |

A Minnesota man is recovering after a brutal dog attack sent him to the hospital for stitches. Most victims have more than just physical injuries to contend with, though. Emotional trauma following a dog bite is not at all uncommon, and it can even lead to a lifelong fear of dogs and other animals for some people. 

Caught on camera 

The Dec. 2021 attack was captured by a surveillance camera. The video shows that the victim and his fiancé were out for a walk with their own dog, a golden retriever. As they approached an intersection, the victim said he noticed a Pitbull with two men on the other side of the street. The surveillance footage as well as the victim’s account detail the same attack: 

  • The Pitbull’s owner purposely let go of the leash 
  • The Pitbull race across the street toward the golden retriever 
  • The victim attempted to protect his dog from harm 

The victim initially placed his body in between his own dog and the Pitbull, but one of the two men pushed him down. The man then started to kick the victim, at which point the Pitbull bit and latched onto his arm. The victim was dragged across the pavement before the Pitbull released its hold. The owner then allegedly threatened to shoot the victim if he called 911, although he was ultimately able to call 911 safely. He later received 16 stitches at the hospital. 

Dog owners in Minnesota are responsible for protecting people from their pets. When they neglect this duty, they can be held responsible for any resulting injuries and damages. Pursuing a lawsuit for a dog bite can be emotionally exhausting though, which is why many victims choose to work closely with an attorney who has plenty of experience in this field.