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What divorce looks like after 20 years

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2021 | Divorce |

Whether weighing a new job option, a big move or other life decision, timing is often everything. The same is true in divorce. The challenges that a couple deals with during divorce are often linked to how many years of marriage they have behind them. What Minnesota couples worry about after 20 years of marriage is often unique compared to those who have been married for shorter or longer periods of time.

Divorce after 20 years

Although every family is different, divorce after 20 years usually does not involve custody agreements for very young children. After two or more decades, a couple’s child is more likely to be older or already an adult themselves. It may still be necessary to create a parenting agreement and custody order, but the main goal will probably be to maintain his or her financial security and lifestyle. Things that may be taken into account when creating a custody order for an older child include:

  • Private school tuition
  • Housing with his or her own bedroom
  • The cost of extracurricular activities

Spousal support often tends to be a big priority after 20 years of marriage. In a marriage of this length, it is not uncommon for one spouse to have taken time off work or accepted a lower-paying job in order to care for children or help further his or her spouse’s career. At this point, alimony is often a temporary measure to help the lesser-earning partner transition into a more self-sufficient career.

Minnesota couples who have been married for fewer than 20 years face similar challenges during divorce, as do those who have been married for longer. However, couples often find comfort in realizing that others in similar situations have dealt with many of the same issues. Learning more about what challenges may lie ahead can also be helpful, especially when facilitated by a knowledgeable family law attorney.