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The problem with distracted driving

On Behalf of | May 27, 2021 | Car Accidents |

It might be hard to find someone who does not own a smartphone. These small devices help connect people to work, friends and loved ones no matter where they are in the world, and they can be very useful for completing day to day tasks. However, there is one place smartphones do not belong — in the hands of a driver. Despite this, distracted drivers can be found all across Minnesota. 

What is distracted driving? 

Distracted driving did not start with smartphones. According to The Zebra, anything that takes a driver’s attention off of driving is considered a distracted driving behavior. Distracted driving can even be broken down into three different categories depending on how it affects people: 

  • Manual 
  • Visual 
  • Cognitive 

Texting and driving — or using a phone in any manner while driving — is perhaps the easiest type of distracted driving to spot. It also encompasses all three types of distracted driving. Whether responding to a text, video chatting or otherwise physically manipulating a phone, a driver must take his or her hands off the wheel — manual — look at the phone instead of the road — visual — and focus on something other than driving — cognitive. 

Surviving a distracted driving accident can be a traumatic experience. Victims who are struggling to recover from serious injuries often have to take time off work, which can further complicate their financial situations by cutting off their income while also drowning in related medical debt. Minnesota victims are not without options, though. Those who are struggling with this situation are often welladvised to talk with a knowledgeable attorney about their options for seeking compensation for their injuries.