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Prioritizing child custody during divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2021 | Child Custody |

Custody battles can be traumatizing to parents and children alike. Understandably, many Minnesota parents want to avoid battles over child custody whenever possible. While there might be certain factors that are simply out of one’s control — such as an unreasonable ex — it is possible to take concrete steps toward a peaceful resolution. 

Be an active parent 

Prioritizing children during divorce is a good way to demonstrate one’s commitment to parenting. But what about a parent who moved out of the family home during the separation, and no longer lives with his or her children? This individual can still be an active parent by doing some of the following: 

  • Picking children up from school 
  • Keeping up with school events and projects 
  • Attending plays, sports and other extracurricular activities 
  • Being on time when picking children up from an ex 

Consider negotiating 

Minnesota family law judges will create child custody agreements when parents are unable to do so on their own. While this is useful in some situations, most parents already know what is in their children’s best interests and can make good decisions regarding child custody. However, there has to be a willingness on both sides to negotiate. Understanding that negotiation is part of the process may help parents be more openminded as they go into the process. 

Navigating through divorce as a parent can be an overwhelming experience. Prioritizing a child’s wellbeing means putting a lot of time and effort into things like child custody and support, and the average parent may feel tapped out when it comes time to address other matters, such as property division. Finding the right guidance and support through this process may be the wisest course of action for parents in this situation.