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Animal bites don’t always come from dogs

On Behalf of | May 11, 2020 | Animal Bites |

Despite their status as man’s best friend, most people know that dogs can sometimes be dangerous. But dogs are not the only four-legged friend that pose a threat to humans. Animals of all kinds can bite and injure people. Victims of animal bites in Minnesota might want to know how other types of bites are treated when it comes to getting compensation for their injuries.

Horses injuries might be more closely related to kicking accidents, and that is for good reason — horses kick people more frequently than they bite. But this certainly does not mean that horses never bite. Horse owners should be familiar with their animals and know which ones have dangerous tendencies and are held to the standard rules for negligence. So whether a horse kicked or bit someone, the owner can be held liable if he or she did not take necessary action to warn the victim or prevent the attack.

Wild animals are another source of bite injuries. There are a number of pet owners in Minnesota who choose to keep wild or exotic pets that are potentially vicious or uncontrollable, making them inherently dangerous. The owner of a wild, non-domesticated animal may take extreme precautionary measures to protect other people, but this does not protect him or her from liability. This goes back to the fact that many wild animals are just that — wild and often dangerous.

Animal bites can be painful and often require extensive medical care, sometimes for months or even years. On top of this, even the most dedicated animal lover might experience severe emotional trauma from an attack and have to avoid animals from then on. Addressing the emotional and physical trauma of animal bites requires time, treatment and dedication, which the average victim could possibly secure with compensation from a successfully pursued personal injury suit.