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Looking out for the children’s best interests when co-parenting

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2019 | Child Custody |

It’s generally best for children of divorce to spend an equal amount of time with each parent. Analysts say that this helps them to become balanced adults with a healthy level of self-esteem. However, there are many challenges to co-parenting. Minnesota parents may be interested in learning about ways they can look out for the best interests of their kids while co-parenting after a divorce.

Younger children need constant reassurance that both of their parents love them. Furthermore, it’s good to remind kids under 10 a few days ahead of time that they will be switching households. This will help them anticipate changes. When possible, it is good to show enthusiasm about visits with their other parent.

As children age, their needs will change. The co-parenting techniques will need to be adjusted. Perhaps it would be better to include more flexibility, allowing for time with friends, extracurricular activities and jobs if they start working. Parents should not give the impression that spending time with friends is not important. While it’s wise to give teens space, they still need a close relationship with both of their parents.

Some may feel that co-parenting is not in the children’s best interests. One parent may be prone to abuse or neglect. In such cases, the other parent may wish to speak to an attorney to learn about options related to child custody. An attorney could provide information and answer questions about visitation rights, custody disputes and other matters that relate to parenting after a divorce.