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Top reasons why fall driving can be dangerous

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Driving in the fall can be dangerous in Minnesota for several reasons. Children resume school during this season, which means drivers need to watch out for buses and heavier pedestrian traffic. The traffic will be particularly heavy during the morning and afternoon.

Rain, fog and frost are other dangers. Rainwater can gather on top of dust and oil, and before it’s washed away, it can make the pavement slippery. Fog often rolls in early in the morning and reduces visibility. When temperatures drop drastically overnight, frost appears, usually under bridges and overpasses and other shady areas. Third, falling leaves can obscure road hazards and become a slippery mess in the rain.

Another hazard is the sun glare that many drivers contend with during their commute back home. It can render one incapable of seeing cars and pedestrians for up to several seconds. Also, deer will migrate and mate in the autumn, so drivers should be on the lookout for these animals on the roadside.

Half of these dangers can be averted if drivers simply slow down and keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of them. In the fog and rain, drivers should not use the high beams as this will produce glare. Drops in temperature can affect tire pressure, so checking this would be wise.

Drivers who do not take such precautionary measures will only raise their risk for a collision. If they wind up injuring someone else, their insurance company may face a claim. Victims, for their part, may want to learn more about car accident law from an attorney. In this state, plaintiffs may be able to recover damages as long as their degree of fault is deemed to be 50% or less. Any contributory negligence will, of course, lower the amount received in damages.