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Balancing divorce and work

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2019 | High Asset Divorce |

The legal aspects of a divorce in Minnesota can take up a lot of time, and much of this time can conflict with a work schedule. Court dates often interfere with important meetings, and official documents from the court may interrupt important activities at the office. While all of these conflicts can appear to be very difficult, there are several ways to carefully balance divorce proceedings and work.

The first step to balancing a divorce and work is to be very careful with scheduling. One way to do this is to set aside specific hours during the day to deal with divorce matters. An attorney should be made aware of which specific hours their client is available to discuss the case or schedule mediation or court appearances. When looking for legal representation, finding a lawyer that’s close by can help with scheduling.

Staying organized and discreet will also make divorce proceedings a lot easier. With both digital and physical information, people should create special folders for storage so that documents don’t get mixed together. It’s especially important to remember that business and personal accounts should never be mixed. Any representatives from the company that may be contacted for information should also be made aware of the divorce.

When ex-partners are involved in a high asset divorce, it might be wise for both parties to seek advice from an experienced attorney. This type of divorce can be very complex, so it’s the job of an attorney to provide thoughtful support and guidance despite any difficult emotions that may be involved. Whether the division of assets gets resolved in an amicable mediation or a courtroom, a lawyer may be able to advocate for their client’s best interests.