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Gray divorce describes your age, not your hair color

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2018 | Divorce, Gray Divorce |

When you think back on the day of your wedding, does it feel like yesterday or as though it occurred a lifetime ago? If you’re one of many Minnesota residents who have encountered serious problems in your marriage, the latter likely better describes how you feel. A lot of time has passed since you got married and a lifetime of changes and situations have occurred that have affected your relationship with your spouse.

In 20 years, the number of people getting divorced after age 50 has more than doubled. Known as “gray divorce,” such situations often include unique issues that younger couples who divorce may not deal with, such as situations involving retirement benefits or long-term care planning issues. You may not even be able to place your finger on the exact issues that formed your decision to divorce; however, you may be able to relate to one or more problems that others cite as causal factors in their own break-ups.

An issue that affects all ages

Perhaps surprisingly, infidelity is a common reason older spouses often give as to why they are filing for divorce. Current data shows that older spouses often engage in extra marital affairs and that their spouses consider their infidelity a turning point in their relationships where they determine their marriages are no longer sustainable.

Lack of independence

Especially for women who perhaps gave up career opportunities to stay home full-time and raise their children, many people who file divorce late in life say they simply have a need to know what it feels like to have independence. You may relate to this feeling if you married young and have always made decisions in your life based on what is best for your spouse or kids.

Divorce isn’t frowned upon so much, anymore

When you got married, the thought of getting divorced may never have entered your mind, not only because you were very much in love at the time, but also because of the negative stigma attached to divorce back then. Nowadays, society tends be much more understanding of such decisions. 

Couples drift apart over time

Now that your kids are grown and on their own, you may be one of many Minnesota spouses who say they simply had nothing left in common with their spouse once the entered the empty nest phase in life.

Moving on in life

After being together for so many years, you are likely to experience moments of great sorrow as you move toward a new, independent lifestyle. Then again, you might feel more like you just want to get it over with, so you can leave the past behind and discover new experiences in life. The less legal problems you have, the easier it might be to achieve your goals, which is why many Minnesota spouses seek guidance from experienced family law attorneys before heading to court.