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Getting prepared for a child support case

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2018 | Child Custody |

When parents in Minnesota head to court for a child custody hearing, they may be confused about what to expect and even intimidated by the process. However, people can be ready for their hearings by getting prepared in advance and learning more about what to expect. Preparation is particularly key when making a case for custody, and it can include factors from wearing the right clothes to being ready to present a logistical plan for the children’s care.

For example, it is recommended to dress conservatively and in a business-appropriate fashion for a child custody hearing. Of course, dress style is no reflection on anyone’s parenting abilities; however, wearing clothes appropriate for an office can send the message that a parent takes the hearing seriously and wants to make a good impression. In addition, parents should not only be able to speak about their love for their children but also about their practical plans. This means being able to demonstrate that an apartment has an appropriate, private place for the children to sleep, or showing that childcare plans exist while a parent is working. By bringing witnesses like babysitters or teachers, parents can also present reliable testimony from others about the parent-child relationship.

Child custody hearings are often conducted quickly, in a small setting. A family law attorney can work with a parent seeking custody in order to sharpen their statements and testimony so that they can be presented effectively in a condensed form. In addition, if the children are older, they may also testify about their desires for custody and where they will live.

While the child custody system can be daunting, parents can successfully navigate it and protect their relationships with their children. A family law attorney can provide strong representation for parents seeking custody and compile testimony and other evidence to support their arguments.