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Study breaks down distracted driving rates by state

On Behalf of | May 3, 2018 | Car Accidents |

It’s well-known that drivers distracted by mobile devices are more likely to cause vehicle accidents. Now, data recently published by Everdrive has identified which states have the highest rates of phone use behind the wheel. According to the data collected by the transportation safety app, Minnesota falls in the middle of the pack.

Drivers in the southeast part of the country are more likely to use their mobile devices while driving. Mississippi sits at the top of the list with more than 47 percent of all trips involving the use of a handheld device. Following closely behind are Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia. Drivers in all three states use their phones for more than 40 percent of their trips. Northeastern states don’t fare much better. In fact, when including non-distraction factors like speeding and aggressive driving, Northeastern states are the least safe overall.

The states with the lowest levels of mobile device use behind the wheel have one thing in common: they have all banned the use of handheld devices while driving. These states include Vermont, Oregon, Hawaii and Washington.

The data provided by Everdrive suggests that laws banning the use of handheld devices while driving are effective. Despite any success these laws have had, it remains the case that distracted driving is a serious threat across American roadways. A person injured in a collision with a distracted driver may have a claim for damages such as medical bills, auto repair bills and lost wages. An attorney with experience in personal injury law may be able to help a victim recover such damages.