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What divorce looks like after 20 years

Whether weighing a new job option, a big move or other life decision, timing is often everything. The same is true in divorce. The challenges that a couple deals with during divorce are often linked to how many years of marriage they have behind them. What Minnesota...

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Child custody during the school year

Back to school season is often filled with mixed emotions. While kids might not be ready to say goodbye to summer yet, many Minnesota parents are eager to get their kids back in school and on a more regular schedule. This process can be a little more complicated when...

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Looking ahead during divorce

Ending a marriage is an emotional process. Disagreements over things like child custody, child support and alimony can easily disrupt other important matters, such as property division and one’s overall finances. When going through a divorce, it is important to...

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What are commingled assets?

Personal property is very important to most people in Minnesota. There are situations where the line between separate and marital property can become blurred, though. While commingled assets might not seem like a significant concern during marriage, it can lead to...

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Dads have a place in child custody

It can be upsetting to imagine a life where you are not with your child every day. However, this is the reality that most parents face when going through a divorce. Being prepared to meet these new parenting challenges is important, especially for dads since child...

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