I Was Just Texting My Friend — I Didn’t Mean to Hurt Anyone

Although the number of fatalities has declined steadily in Minnesota over the past few years, serious auto accidents continue to cause severe and sometimes life-altering injuries. The impact of these injuries can have a devastating impact on your life. Where do you go for help? A personal injury attorney in Minnesota is a good place to start.

Drivers cause accidents in any number of ways. With the availability of new hand-held technology, possibly you were hit by a teenager who was texting and lost control of the car. Maybe the other person had a few too many cocktails at happy hour and didn't see that stop sign as you drove through the intersection. Perhaps you're in pain from being run off the interstate highway by the driver of that 18-wheeler who fell asleep.

Regardless of the cause, you have rights in a personal injury case. Depending on the extent of your injuries, you may not be capable physically or emotionally to do what must be done to win your case, such as:

  • Gathering the documentation and other evidence related to the case, including police reports, witness statements, etc.
  • Contacting insurance companies and dealing with adjusters
  • Representing yourself in a trial if the case can't be settled out of court

You need skilled St. Paul injury attorneys at your side to represent your best interests, as you navigate the complex legal process for filing a personal injury claim. An attorney can help ensure that you get the compensation you need to get back on your feet.

You have endured enough pain and suffering for a careless event that was not the result of your own wrongdoing. Make a call to the attorneys at Bowden ♦ Cyr, PLLC. They are not only experienced in personal injury law, but they are also compassionate to your situation.