Workers' Compensation Lawyer

With so much of our lives spent at work, it is no wonder that workplace accidents are a common occurrence. Our workers' compensation attorney has helped people in Woodbury and elsewhere in the state of Minnesota protect their rights by helping them to file accurate, comprehensive and successful workers' compensation claims.

All Industries Have Injuries

Though often associated with hard labor occupations, workers' compensation claims can cover personal injuries sustained in all types of careers. From serious injuries resulting from an independent event or accident to repetitive strains or occupational diseases, our firm can help. We handle workers' comp claims in all industries and are able to assist those with injuries related to:

  • Construction work such as falls from scaffolding, ladders or other elevations; amputations; burns; electric shock or electrocution; and incidents involving heavy equipment
  • Factory and manufacturing work, including iron and steel production, medical device assembly, forklift accidents, and industrial or warehouse premises accidents
  • Health care and hospital work involving needle sticks, heavy lifting, including lifting patients, aggravation and violence, occupationally acquired illness or infection and more
  • School and child care work such as altercations, chronic pain from standing, bending and lifting, carpal tunnel syndrome or hazards from physical education classes
  • Trade work specific injuries, involving electricians, plumbers, contractors, auto-technicians, apprentices and other professionals
  • Public safety work, including fire fighters, police officers, prison guards, correctional officers and security workers
  • Office work, often including carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive strain injuries incurred from prolonged sitting, including blood clots

Why It Matters

Your injury would not have been incurred if you were not working, and because all jobs have certain risks, your employer has workers' compensation insurance to recompense employees when these risks become realities. You are entitled to compensation for loss of wages, medical benefits, specific loss payments associated with your accident, including permanent partial or full disability. This insurance also provides dependency benefits for families whose loved one died because of a workplace injury.

It is your right to claim workers' compensation benefits when you have been injured; however, there are strict filing requirements and deadlines for workers' compensation claims, so it is important to get in touch with a lawyer as quickly as possible, even if you are not sure a claim is necessary. Contact our office online or call 651-288-2844 to schedule a free consultation and discuss your circumstances today.