Responding To An Animal Attack

What should you do if attacked by a dog or other animal?

  1. Seek immediate medical care and attention.
  2. Call the appropriate authorities- 911, police, animal control. Depending on the county or area where the attack occurred, both the police and animal control may investigate the incident. Also, the sooner you call the authorities the sooner the dog and its owner can be put on notice of the attack. The authorities will need to verify if the dog is up to date on shots and whether or not the dog is required to be quarantined. Ask for documentation about the attack and the dog in question.
  3. Take photographs of injuries and bruising. Photographs of the injuries are helpful in assessing damages and obtaining the appropriate compensation for the victim. Some medical providers take photographs, depending on the provider and depending on the treatment of the victim that is required.
  4. Call an attorney at 651-288-2844 for a free consultation to discuss the victim's rights and payment of medical bills. Value of a case depends on many factors other than just the bite, it also includes factors such as healing, impact on the victim's personal life, impact on the person's job, etc. No two victims are impacted exactly the same and cases should be assessed based on the facts of each victim.