Dog Bites & Animal Attacks

If you or your child was injured because of a dog bite or animal-related injury, a free consultation with an attorney provides you and your family with the information and options about payment for medical bills as well as the support and compensation the dog owner or harbourer may be responsible to pay.

If you are wondering what to do if you or your loved one were attacked by a dog or other animal, we have resources available to guide you and invite you to call our office at 651-288-2844 for more information.

Understanding Your Circumstances

The Center for Disease Control reports that each year 4.7 million Americans are bitten by dogs and almost half of them are children. Each year, 800,000 people seek medical attention, and an average of 16 people die because of the dog bite/attack. We can help!

We work with parents who are concerned about:

  • Long term scarring and physical disfigurement
  • Infection
  • Expensive medical bills
  • Trauma and long term Emotional Stress- no matter how big the dog or how small the child
  • Preventing the dog from attacking another person/child

While most dogs are friendly and won't ever bite or attack someone in their lifetime, there are some who are overly aggressive or improperly trained, and it only takes an instant for serious injuries to be inflicted on a person or child as a result of a dog bite. At Bowden ♦ Cyr, PLLC, we have handled many dog/animal attack cases, and we can move quickly to protect the rights of you and your child in the event of a dog bite or animal- related injury incident. We know how to perform a thorough investigation and provide appropriate documentation to the dog owners and their insurance carriers to allow for appropriate resolution.

Working With Professionals

An experienced dog bite attorney can help animal attack victims and their families communicate with doctors and gather necessary information from them to prepare your case to not only compensate you or your child for medical expenses that are immediately incurred, but also for future medical expenses or reconstructive surgery. Bowden ♦ Cyr, PLLC also helps people and their families recover for the pain and suffering caused by an animal attack that often includes significant immediate effects as well as severe long lasting effects.

The courts ensure that all settlements are reflective of the damages incurred by children as all settlements for children under the age of 18 must be approved by a Judge of District Court. If you or your child was injured by a dog, contact Susan Bowden at Bowden ♦ Cyr, PLLC online for a free consultation.