Motor Vehicle Accidents Lawyer

In Minnesota and throughout the Midwest, active lifestyles are encouraged. Whether you are driving your car to work in the morning, using public transport to visit a friend, or taking advantage of the waterways and trails throughout the region — unfortunately, accidents can happen. When they do, it is important to get in touch with a motor vehicle accidents attorney with experience handling not only car accidents, but other vehicle types as well.

Personalized Service For Individual Needs

Insurance for different motor vehicles varies, and it is important that if you are involved in an accident, you work with a lawyer who understands these minutia and can assist you no matter what the circumstances may be. Our firm can help you file a claim involving:

  • Defects such as dangerous and defective roads or auto defects, including air bags, seat belts, brakes or other mechanical malfunction
  • Traditional car accidents involving no-fault insurance, rollovers, distracted driving, dram shop liability and drunk driving
  • Commercial trucking or motorcycle accidents, which require familiarity with and knowledge of unique legislation and insurance policies
  • Boat accidents and other recreational accidents on the water involving personal watercrafts (PWCs) such as Jet Skis, wave runners, flyboards, water scooters or wetbikes
  • Mass transit accidents involving buses, light-rail or other public transport
  • Off-highway vehicle incidents such as OHM/ORV/ATV accidents and snowmobile accidents
  • Recreational vehicle accidents involving RVs, motor homes, camper-trailers or campervans
  • Low-powered vehicles such as scooters, mopeds, motor bikes, segways or golf carts
  • Bicycle and pedestrian accidents, especially those involving children

Get Back Out There

Our firm understands that when you have been injured in an accident, the process of healing and managing your circumstances can be frustrating. We can't make your accident go away, but we can help to make the process easier for you. Inviting you into our practice is like inviting you into our home — you can feel safe and assured that your personal injury case is in good hands at our firm. Call us today at 651-288-2844 to schedule an appointment.

Contact our firm near Woodbury if you are looking for an attorney with experience handling complex motor vehicle accidents. We offer free initial consultations so you can discuss your case with us without any additional pressures.